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Psychic Reading Room

What does life have in store for you?

Gain insights into your love life, career, finances and relationships. Have a reading from Australia's best psychics, each handpicked for their skill, integrity and honesty. The true success of a reading is not always measured by prophecy but by the guidance it provides.

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Free Seminars

Join the wellbeing experts as they share their experience and knowledge with inspiring spiritual seminars. Each session is free to attend.


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Meditation Room

Unwind, relax and experience the simple methods of meditation used to relieve tension and enhance many areas of your life.

These free sessions are guided, practical and run every half hour.

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Wellbeing Products for your Spirit

See demonstrations, compare products, receive advice and talk to 200 expert exhibitors.

No other event gives you the opportunity to touch, feel, experience, try and buy the latest products and services for your total wellbeing.

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Speaker's Lounge

An intimate discussion forum with spiritual topics including psychic development, manifesting your dreams and past lives.

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Performance Stage

Enjoy music from the main stage with spiritually moving performances. All performances are free upon entry to the Festival.

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